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At The Alter Of The Digital Age

The inclusion of "photoshop" in the Oxford dictionary as a verb is a sign of how used we have become to a world of manipulation and illusion.

Chairmen Of The Board

WITH a chicken parma to his left and a dictionary to his right, Naween Fernando focuses intently on the board in front of him. Across the table, Andrew Fisher tallies the scores on a pad and shuffles his tiles in anticipation.

City's History On Speed Dial: Images To Give Dictionary New Meaning

For years they've been saying the internet would replace the book, but so far it hasn't. It's certainly reduced the time many of us spend reading books, but that's not the same thing.

History Is Catching Up With Us

From whipmaker to pollie, the ADB serves up a healthy slice of human comedy, writes Jim Davidson. Australian Dictionary of Biography: Volume 17 1981-1990, A-K Edited by Diane Langmore Melbourne University Publishing, $100

A Word To The Wise, This Is Just For Fun

THE colloquial language ozlingo is alive, well and precocious.